Author Trailer


My first author trailer is here!

What is an Author Trailer?

An author trailer is a video that helps you to get to know me as an author. It gives a brief overview of what I do, where I am on my writing journey, what my plans are for the future, and all the ways you can connect with me. As I progress with my story, I will make new author trailers so they are always current!

Candice’s Author Trailer Transcript:

My name is Candice Jarrett. I’m an author, singer, songwriter, as well as the artist known as Katara.
(Host #1) (Speaking Mandarin) “Her Chinese is amazing. In addition, she can write Chinese songs.”
(Host #2) (Speaking Mandarin) “Are you married?”
(Candice) (Speaking Mandarin) “Why? Are you asking me out to a movie?”
(Audience laughs)
Getting published isn’t easy and I don’t know if my quest to find a publisher will have a happy ending or not, but like the characters in my novels, I’m going to give it everything I’ve got. I’d like to invite you to share this journey with me. I’d like to invite you to share my adventure with me. On my website: I’ll post journal entries that chronicle my journey to become an author. I also have a free newsletter. You can also follow me on Twitter @CandiceJarrett.Or you can find me on Facebook by searching my name. I’m also on Instagram @Candice_Jarrett. I’ll be posting BookTube, AuthorTube, and music videos on my YouTube channel, so please don’t forget to subscribeI can’t do this without the support of people like you. So thank you so much for being a part of my story and making my dreams possible.